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Xinfeng brand infrared therapeutic apparatus TDP Lamp pattern 400
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1).Ovarian care,Physical therapy

 The ovaries are the most important female reproductive organ.and also the major reproductive endocrine glands, it has the functions of the coordination of the female reproductive system, the secretion of various hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, inhibin and so on

2). Diseases of the application.

Can act on the following diseases or adjuvant therapy,Rheumatism,Bronchitis, bronchial asthma ,chronic gastritis, duodenal ulcer, chronic hepatitis,enteritis,constipation,chronic prostatitis. 

3). Activation of the skin

Activate cells and accelerate the skin 's blood circulation, improves physical function, is conducive to the absorption of nourishing substances,achieve the result of skin beauty.

4).Accelerate skin metabolism

Increase skin moisture, and is conducive to the elimination of skin toxins and wastes .Thermal magnetic stimulation of the skin can trace sweating, skin permeability is enhanced, which will help nutrients to enter into the skin greatly, and replace the dirt, and promote the growth of skin tissue.

5).To enhance skin luster and density

Thermal magnetic wave promote uniformity of the secretion of sebaceous glands, making the PH of the skin in the best balance statement.66.

6).Weight loss and body sculpting

In the time of dissolving fat can also tighten skin and restore a beautiful, moving curve.

 7). For mask use   

Accelerate the absorption of nutrients in the mask.


Infrared therapeutic apparatus:Power:AC 220V,50Hz.

Power output:<150(1+10%)W.

Working temperature:5--40C(33.8~104F).

Working humidity:<85%

Fuse:(5X20-3A)x2 .

Main structure&Accessories:Both floor type & desk lamp comprise:Lamp head(with an infrared bulb installed and a protecting cover).Power supply controller.Body and base.

Main advantages:convenience,Trustworthiness,Lower price,Mechanical timer,Manual temperature setting,Healthcare and Regeneration.CE,ETL,IEC60335-2-27,ISO90012000,ISO13485:2003,DVE approval.Cost of Xinfeng logo and packing is free.If using your logo and packing design,order over 1000 units.

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